autumn flowers

So autumn is well and truly here now. There is a definite chill in the air, the conkers are falling to the delight of the children and I've been contemplating putting the heating on.

I'm also thinking about log fires, harvest festivals, pumpkins, crunchy leaves in shades of russet and ochre. And of course, before we know it, it'll be halloween.

I finally had enough light to photograph the first earrings since the beginning of the holidays, the colours of which remind me of Alys Fowler. Hopefully she would approve ..

What things do you associate with autumn?


  1. Gosh that is a difficult one - I guess for me it is the smell.

    Warmth, yet fresh, earthy and homely - Autumn has a certain aroma for me.

    Love the earrings - I'm sure she would approve.

    Nina xx

  2. Pretty ear-rings and I can see why they remind you of Alys am sure she'd approve. Autumn for me is the leaves, bonfire smoke and a certain je ne sais quoi to the days.


  3. Beautiful earrings - i love them! For me its the smell of freshly turned earth - and the colour of the brow soil. xxx

  4. lovely earings, very autumnal!

    wood smoke, crunchy leaves, warm cozy scarves and birthdays are what makes autumn for me, i love autumn, it's my favourite month!

    i finished my quilt if you wanna pop over and have a wee peek.

    cate, x

  5. Lovely colours in your earrings, I love cobwebs in hedges covered with dew on misty mornings.

  6. The earrings are so pretty! Lovely colour combination.

  7. The earrings are lovely! Love your Autumn thoughts! Mine are, being cosy indoors,warming soup and stews,wading through crunchy leaves wearing wellies, knitting,misty mornings, toffee apples and bonfire smoke!
    Have a lovely day!
    Rachel x

  8. Pretty earrings!
    Autumn for me is conkers and sweet chestnuts, wood smoke and falling leaves, at least in an ideal world! This one seems to be mainly about rain :(

  9. Gorgeous earrings!
    Yes, crunchy leaves in vibrant colors, layers of cozy clothes, slippers, hot cocoa and baking!

  10. Autumn for me are the russet colours, misty mornings, woodland walks and that unmistakable earthy tang!

    Beautiful earrings Kate - very autumnal colours - will they be in your shop soon ...?


  11. I love it! Very Alys isn't it? As for autumn, I love the sunsets, the smells of fruits and bonfires, stews and crumbles, my own fire crackling in the hearth, snuggling up under my quilt...shall I go on?!! x

  12. Such pretty earrings!
    The colours and the shapes that you used are so lovely!


  13. Gorgeous earrings which sum up Autumn perfectly.

    The turning of the leaves and the wearing of warmer clothes must sum up autumn for me.

  14. Hi, I found you through Diane.
    I love your jewellery.
    I associate the lovely varied colours of the leaves with autumn and the autumnal smells, but also home cooking- soups and cakes especially. I've been making a lot of cakes of late needless to say!


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