special place

Yesterday for the first time in months I forgot to pack a camera when we went out. Of course, predictably, ironically, typically, irritatingly, (yes I think I could go on ..) I missed out on some priceless photo opportunities!

The sight of MLF, looking adorable in the kindest of lights with little blue bucket, turning stones at the water's edge and finding the teeny tiniest of crabs, many many of them, most no bigger than half a smallest fingernail. Also finding, and catching even, a baby (and I really mean, baby for it was a mere inch long) flatfish. But by far the biggest spot of all was seeing a grass snake (quite small thankfully), just feet in front of us and a good deal more afraid than we were. We watched him traverse up a steep bank and every time he slipped and fell a little way, we gasped and took a step or two back. We stood there for ages, cursing not having brought the camera and vowing never to do so again!

However Monday was a much better day. Azure blue skies filled with cumulonimbus clouds so a trip to the most special of places beckoned. It's a hard slog getting to the top of the barrow but once there, no matter the direction you look, you will be rewarded with the most breathtaking of views.

Looking across the forest at Arne RSPB Reserve ..

Studland, to Shell Bay and on over to Sandbanks and Poole ..

Turning slightly, seeing the Brittany Ferry heading to Poole from Cherbourg, with Bournemouth beyond ..

The Isle of Wight in the distance ..

Around to Swanage ..

And putting two and two together and remembering that my camera also has a movie feature, I was able to get it in one piece. The only trouble is it's not quite so straightforward getting it from computer to blog, husband's a little on the grumpy, ahem busy side to help just now, so I'm just going to have to leave you with an IOU.

Oh, and some crossed fingers!


  1. Looks like a lovely day out. Hope you manage to get the video uploaded ;-)

  2. Isn't the West Coun try stunning? Lovely views - hope that the grass soon greens up again though!

    Jane x

  3. I love that area - Sandbanks and Poole are a favourite with us - usually when we are about to hop onto the Ferry!!! Great photos

  4. What amazing views - it is years since I visited that part of the world and I think it must go on my list.

  5. A favourite holiday location of ours too - enjoy.

  6. Do you know I think it better sometimes not to take the camera. I spend a lot of time taking photos, when I really should be taking in more of what I'm actually doing! It was good to picture the scene by the words alone. Saying that you have taken some lovely photos of the perfect way to spend a Summer's day. x


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