giving thanks

My year of chairing MLF's school's PTA is drawing to a close and despite the fact it has been a most monumental undertaking, for the endless running around that's been done, I have actually enjoyed it hugely. Aside from really feeling part of the school I've met some lovely Mums and got to know some of the teachers a lot more than I know would have happened otherwise. I've chaired meetings, done some public speaking (eek!), heaps of organising, delegating, thinking ...!

So to show my appreciation to the many other Mums who have worked tirelessly on the Committee, I made lavender hearts from some of my stashed fabrics. These lovely rosy posy cottons are mostly Bavarian, gleaned from the armoires of German frauleins who would most likely have used them for their duvet covers back in the early 1900's. There's something so delicate, dainty and just plain exquisite about the patterns that lend themselves so well to a project such as this I think.

I made a heart template and cut up an old linen skirt to use for the backing. Then I retrieved buttons from my husband's long since used City shirts that had seen many better days and sewed them on to a length of lace (House Doctor). There's been an overwhelming smell of lavender pervading my sewing room these last few days, and I really think I shall miss it when they've gone.

Then two extra tokens, much much larger hearts backed with the same natural linen that has been used in numerous other projects around the house; several pairs of curtains, childrens' bags, a variety of embroidered goodies, MLF's butterfly dress even.

And the fronts are made with this gorgeous old old fabric, again from Germany I think. At eight inches in diameter there's an awful lot of lavender in here, I tell you.

With all this making for good people in mind, it reminds me just how much more heart warming it very often is to give than to receive. Which leads me very nicely on to this ...

When I saw Marigold Jam's post on pledging to Pay it Forward, I grabbed the opportunity with both hands. I have to confess something here, I've entered a few giveaways before and stress a few, because I never ever win things and so figured what's the point. However, when I saw how simple it was to enter and with such a lovely idea behind it, I got my comment in post-haste!

So back to the pledge and the rules that go with. The first three people to comment on this post will receive, at some stage during the next 365 days (!!), a little something made by moi. You mustn't go getting all hyper-excited, remember this is just a token kindness, because let's face it there is such a lot of hurt in our world, but I can tell you I will be in cahoots with the sewing machine on this one. Plus, I think, I shall send it to you when you're least expecting it, so bear in mind the holidays are a-coming and don't go waiting in for the postman just yet. A little clue though, it will definitely arrive before the 365 days are up!!

Your only commitment in all this is that you too need to take the pledge, hand on heart, and be prepared to post about Pay it Forward and carry on the kindness by sending a little something to the first three people who comment.

I am prepared to send some kindness all over the world so ... what are you waiting for?

Happy week to you all. x


  1. Obviously don't want to be counted in the first 3 but just had to say how really lovely those hearts are and how lucky those Mums are to be getting on. That fabric is so beautiful and combined with the lace and lavender .... beautiful.

    Jane x

  2. Beautiful little hearst which will be very much appreciated by the Mothers. Yuo have chosen lovely fabric, I love the German quilt fabrics. I have never been able to find the time to get involved with my daughter's school, I don't know where some Mothers get the time. I am sure I am missing out at times but being self employed and renovating the house and garden is plenty enough for me at the moment.
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  3. I love the texture and colour of the linen hearts and the idea behind them. How sweet of you to do something so kind. I hope they are appreciated just as they should be. I am impressed that your committee work has inspired such kindnesses too. I haven't always felt that way about mine, however good the purpose.

  4. Hi Kate,
    They're lovely, how kind of you!

    Please leave me out of Pay it Forward as I'm doing my random acts thingy, and can't take on anything else right now to pass on.

    Have a wonderful week!
    D x

  5. What a lovely thought, I know I would be really happy and have my heart warmed if I received one of them for helping out.

  6. Yes between you and Jane from Marigold Jam you have inspired me to follow suit. It is a lovely idea.
    The material in your hearts is lovely. The recipients will be delighted.

  7. I won't join your PIF as I did one recently and I'm a bit short of time at the moment, but the fabrics you use are so beautiful! I would love to come across fabrics like that. xxxxxx

  8. Fab sewing projects on your recent blogs!

  9. At the moment I am taking part in a Happy Swap, but will definitely keep Pay It Forward in mind. I shall be having a Giveaway fairly soon when my blog posts hit 300! I hope you enter, as you have to be in it, to win it! Those hearts for the mums at school, and the lucky three recipients of your blog, are just so pretty. x


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