feeling choughed

and a little bit proud

to have my pink swallow earrings featured in notonthehighstreet.com's emailer today.

(you can see more here if you like)

And speaking of all things birdie, look at this little non-flying cutie who needed rescuing the other day...

For all the stick my husband has had over the years for being a keen bird watcher and ringer, he came into his own and turned into hero of the day!

Happy Monday x


  1. Saw your earrings on flickr and thought they looked cute. Glad you were able to rescue the thrush, they are a rare occurrence in our garden these days.

  2. Lovely earrings on flickr you have - I hadn't realised you made such beautiufl things. Hope the thrush survived? As Jill says they are becomming increasingly rare these days and they are such beautiful birds.

    Jane x

  3. Well done on both counts! It is great to see your jewellery being appreciated.

  4. Wow!! fame at last - they look lovely. |Well done on the bird rescue. We had a floundering wood pigeon in the garden the other evening. Its mummy sat by its side - even though our garden teeming with people. Eventually, it managed to get off the ground onto a nearby garage, then a roof. My sis, mum and I all clapped. I noticed that my daughter had relayed the incident to he friends on facebook that evening stating, "now you all know why I am "Special""!!!

  5. Well done! I'm off to have a closer look.

  6. Well done hubby! SAVED the day and the birdie~brilliant!

    have a great week Kate,

    Sarah x

  7. After reading this I took a look at the emailor in my inbox, and yes look you are there. No wonder you are choughed! Thank goodness your husband has ringing skills, without them I daresay this baby bird would have struggled for survival. I always love to see a thrush in my garden. x


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