what a week!

Just a quickie - this week is just proving to be the busiest week ever!

I came back from Cornwall on Sunday evening to organise the decorating for my daughter's school Carol Service. I'm the Chair (please don't take that literally!) of the school PTA and I have to say when I took on the role in September I knew it was going to be fairly busy but I didn't count on it being quite as hectic as it has been this term. Right from the start there has been one thing after another - Welcome Drinks for new Reception parents, Harvest Festival, Open Day, Christmas Card art work to be coordinated for the printers, presents to buy for a variety of people on behalf of the PTA, Carols on Monday, Childrens' Party yesterday (including entertainer and Santa), sorting out gifts for 108 to be done on behalf of the man in red himself, etc, etc. All that as well as preparing and chairing two meetings. Phew, I for one am mighty glad it's all coming to a close and now I can pay a bit more attention to organising my family!

Santa gave all the children a little bag, beautifully wrapped in cellophane and containing a silver decoration, the ribbon printed with the school name and year, together with a sachet of reindeer dust. This is made up of bird seed mixed with glitter and the idea is to sprinkle it on the doorstep the night before Christmas so the moon can light it up, so pointing Rudolf and his friends to the right house. A very simple and inexpensive idea that went down an absolute storm!

Of course, I just had to slip some crafting in there somehow, so I made eight stockings to use as "collection bowls" after the service. I made them out of some fabric originally bought to make a pirate costume (red/white striped skirt with a plain red headscarf) for a themed party on board the Golden Hind last Summer. And what a party that was! How satisfying to be able to go to the "stash" on the spur of the moment and have the luxury of choosing fabric - don't you think? Anyway, the eight children who had done little readings during the Service each donned a Father Christmas hat and took their stocking round the guests. It was perfect and worked a treat.

The PTA members all made festive cookies so that each child got one on the way out at the end which was a lovely touch too.

Finally, some last minute presents for teachers - these embroidered lavender pillows which, hopefully, will be appreciated.


I do hope you approve?

Anway, got to go, school run beckons - one child just about to finish, second one tomorrow. Hurrah! I hope your end of school week goes well.

(PS - heartfelt thanks to those who left messages on my last post - I can't tell you how much they mean to me, it really is a wonderful place this Blogland!)


  1. How on earth have you managed to fit it ll in?!!!!!! xxx

  2. i really love these little pillows... last spring a friend of mine (from Blogland too) sent me some cornflower seeds and i had a lovely blue area this summer in my garden :)

  3. The embroidery cushions are gorgeous and I'm sure they will be loved.

    Have a lovely evening - just two more days for mine!!

    Nina x

  4. Thanks for commenting on my blog - I have come over to see where you are from there. Love the little lavender cushions and am sure the teachers will too - lucky things. I hope you will have a peaceful Christmas after all your dashing about.

    I also read your previous post and was moved by it - it is indeed a life changing experience to lose a close friend/family member and changes your outlook on life for the better. Christmas will be a time for memories I am sure but I hope you will find some peace and that you grief is gradually lessening.

    Jane x

  5. PS No we didn't carve our initials at the Lapin Agile - is that a custome? It wasn't mentioned by our guide!!


  6. Hello Hello, Lovely to meet you. What an adorable idea about the bird seed and glitter, LOVE IT!
    You have been extraordinarily busy, so I expect Santa will look after you this year!

    Sarah x

  7. I would have been delighted to have received one of your pretty pillows when I taught - your industry is to be admired!

  8. full of admiration at your energy....beautiful teachers presents

  9. Hi - just found you through Nina. Love what I've read so far. Your comments about being PTA chair made me feel relieved. I daftly said yes a couple of years ago and remember an endless whirl of fundraisers. Then you made me feel guilty because you reminded me that I completely forgot the poor teachers this year. Ho hum.

    Bobo x

  10. I hiope that after that busy spell you can find some time to relax a bit now.

    I really like what you have made, very pretty and a bit different too!

    Have a lovely Christmas

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  11. Hi !! Love your blog - very moving but inspiring post about your brother.

  12. Those pretty cushions will make delightful presents for the teachers Kate - lucky ladies!
    The Carol Service sounds lovely and the red stockings must have rounded it off a treat.
    I really love the reindeer dust - such a great idea - it's heartening that the magic of Christmas is still being rekindled in the hearts and minds of our little ones - I can't wait to see my little great-nieces at Christmas ...

    Have a wonderful week. Jeanne x

  13. Hi Kate, nice to meet you. Another lovely blog for me to follow. Love the idea of the reindeer dust. It's such a shame my son is too old for all that now.

    Have a great Christmas.



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