we have lift off ...

Thank you for your good health wishes last week, cyber TLC really is the way to go.

So reading practically everyone else's posts about "the Big C" made me realise I had some serious catching up to do - Big Time!

A fair amount of my work: necklaces, bracelets, earrings and bags, has finally been packed up (forgot to take photos, can you believe it?!) and sent down to the Open House Sales in Brighton which means, yes yes yes, it's catch up time ...

I bought this book recently and have to say I'm really glad I did, there are some lovely ideas that I can actually see myself doing. Her previous book, "Make", had such poor reviews I didn't even bother researching it but I flicked through this one in my local book shop and loved it immediately. My first project - this hottie cover, and I have THE person in mind.

Naturally I can't say any more at this stage, however I just know it'll go down well.

Obviously the lack of rosie posie pinks and ribbons gives the game away ever so slightly ...

When I make something I really enjoy trying out a new skill and this time it was quilting. This was such a lovely project to do but in hindsight there were a couple of things I would do differently ...

Firstly, I would make the stitching slightly smaller and closer together but secondly, and more importantly, I would try my absolute hardest to engage my brain a bit better and put all three backing pieces on the correct way round (oops) ...

Not at all convinced by Ms Kidston's instructions though - she mentions marking out a 3 mm diamond grid but really means 3 cm, and then her method of making the rouleau buttonhole loop on such a narrow piece of fabric is just plain silly in my opinion. It is way too narrow a piece to turn inside out and I ended up halving the fabric lengthways, ironing it down, turning the two outside pieces into the centre and ironing once again. I then closed the whole lot up and finished with a slip stitch. Much easier and, neatly done, it barely shows.

And now that it's finished? My advice is even if your own hottie fits comfortably within the marked seam line, add the extra 2 cm all around anyway. There's not much room for an overfilled bottle here, put it that way!

I do hope he loves it!!

Now then, what's next ?!


  1. Now I wonder who that is for?...

    Glad to hear you are feeling better Kate but wrap up warm this week; there's some nasty weather on the way I hear!

    Good luck with your Christmas makes and the shop.

    Jeanne x

  2. Looks lovely - I felt exactly the same as you did about the book, but it seems that it is worth investigating!

    Pomona x

  3. Hi Kate
    You have updated in my sidebar now but you're quite right, sometimes I've noticed that I have missed a post because it hasn't updated ... don't know why this happens ... strange! Perhaps its something to do with your postal settings? Does it happen with other blogs on your list? Oooh its a mystery!

    Jeanne x

  4. It does look great, despite the struggle with Ms K's instructions! We actually don't have hot water bottles down here in the south of France, but we are beginning to think that we should... I will know how to make them covers if we ever go for it!

  5. Oh well done, looks terrific! I might use some of my rosey fabrics to make a couple as well, we have quite a few hot water bottles in the cottage in Burgundy, it gets mightily cold in the winter. Good tip about the extra bit required to accomodate a well filled hot water bottle.

  6. You've done a fabulous - I'm totally rubbish at following patterns and instructions.

    Enjoy the rest of your evening,

    Nina x

    ps. It normally has to be really early to beat the children rising, but it is 'oh so' worth it! xox


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